House Wine Casa Rita featured in Advanced Mixology

Advanced Mixology Names House Wine Casa Rita One of 19 Best Canned Wines You Can Drink Anywhere

Most Unique Flavor: House Wine Casa Rita

On a hot day, the best way to enjoy the sun’s warmth is by drinking a refreshing beverage, like Casa Rita. This best canned wine has sweevt, tart, and tangy flavors from the agave and lime. It also offers citrus hints for that extra depth. If you are serving some barbeque or spicy curry, those will go well with this drink.

“Don’t overthink it, just drink it.” This is the motto of Hal Landvoigt, an award-winning winemaker and owner of Casa Rita. He would travel to wine regions annually to source the most compelling grape varieties and learn various winemaking styles. Since 2019, he single-handedly ran the business and made it reach greater heights.


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