House Wine Rosé Bubbles can in New York Magazine Grub Street article "The Quarantine Diet"

New York Magazine’s Grub Street: House Wine Rose Bubbles for The Quarantine Diet

New York and Grub Street asked some of our favorite past Grub Street Diet subjects to keep one-day diaries of what they eat while self-quarantining, which we’ll be running over the next few days. Here, Black Monday actor and comedian Paul Scheer walks us through his Monday, March 23.

Now, let me let you in on a little secret. I don’t normally drink, but I enjoyed this meal with canned wine. I’m not ashamed. I absolutely LOVE IT! I’m addicted to House Wine: Rosé Bubbles. I picked up a box of it during the supermarket shopping panic. They were out of everything else, and I figured I’d get a win if I brought back something that could last for days — I thought canned wine would do the trick.

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