Original House Wines

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With three convenient formats to enjoy in multiple varieties, there’s a House for every home.

Classic Bottle– Our original packaging in the 750ml glass bottle is the trophy of wine-drinking traditionalists, ideal as a host gift and to share while entertaining tableside over your next meal. Its easy twist top means no wine opener needed and ensures quality in the bottle. House Wine in bottles is a consistent Best Buy in critical wine publications; it’s also a continuing crowd-pleaser.

Everyday Box (3L BIB)– This sturdy little box holds the equivalent of 4 standard 750ml bottles of wine. House Wine box makes a tidy counter companion in the kitchen or on a refrigerator shelf with its retracting spigot, and outside it’s the perfect “instant wine station” setup, with multiple varieties for your next tailgate, backyard barbecue or for camping. It’s the ultimate value in an easy-to-tote container.

Convenient Can (375ml) – A national top-seller, these single-serve formats—equivalent to two glasses of wine—have helped build a movement in how we enjoy wine! Packable for seasonal outdoor activities such as hikes, cross-country skiing, the beach or as a fun outdoor entertaining option (offered alongside other beverages in a cooler), these aluminum cans are easily packed out and recycled. And no risk of broken glass!